Powerful Features

The AppArmor safety platform has over 50 features, here are some of the highlights.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send important information to your users instantly during an emergency. Push Notifications are unlimited; send as many as you need as often as you want.

Advanced Location Sharing

Track users who opt-in to keep them safe with the resources at your disposal with features such as Virtual Walkhome, Mobile BlueLight, and Friend Walk.

Offline Ready Emergency Plans

Get your emergency plan documentation "out of the binder" by providing offline ready safety information based on the needs and conditions of your users.

Aggregate Campus Resources

AppArmor safety apps aggregate numerous secondary safety resources. Everything from mental health resources to transportation can be included.

Mobile Blue Light Silent Alarm

Allows a user to inform your team of their location in an emergency while also opening up a phone call to dispatch to send information in real-time.

Custom Real-Time Mapping

Provide your users with searchable interactive maps that are customized to your landmarks or crime information so they stay out of trouble.

Connect to Other Apps

AppArmor apps can be connected to other apps, such as an app with students' grades or schedule, via a custom URL scheme.


Modify app behavior, or restrict features based on the user location. This feature is ideal for enforcing jurisdictional boundaries for organizational services.

Crime Reporting

Empower your users to quickly and securely report crimes, power outages, graffiti and more. The reporting can be configured to be anonymous.

Chat with Dispatch

Users can chat with dipatch in real-time for assistance. Chat can be further customized for on-campus events, real-time mental health support, and more.

Persistent Alert Status

Provide users in your app with real-time updates about the safety status of your campus; a great way to keep your people informed in a crisis.

Check-In and Location Sharing

Allow your users to quickly share their GPS location with friends or family with the tap of a button. Or have them send it to your team via Check-In in a crisis.

RSS Aggregation

Keep users informed of safety alerts through your existing Twitter or RSS feeds. These feeds can be automated to populate your app.

Integration with your Safety Dashboard

Integrate the dashboard into any other safety software, including ENS software.